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Cape Town’s bar and club scene, while small, is warm, welcoming and full of energy. Most of the popular bars are located in the city’s De Waterkant district, which is close to the city centre and yet boasts a unique village atmosphere.


Staff at Crew Bar, one of Cape Town’s busiest gay bars.

Cafe Manhattan Cape Town

Long time venue, Cafe Manhattan hosts several theme nights and shows!

Our guide to gay bars in Cape Town.

There is a variety of gay bars and clubs, which, like most cities, are particularly busy on weekends and during the peak season, when many “upcountry” citizens come down to Cape Town for their vacation. You’ll find most of the gay bars clustered around a short strip of Somerset Road between downtown and the Waterfront.

Nightlife is a microcosm unto itself. Café Manhattan (Corner of Dixon & Waterkant Street; +27-21/421-6666) is a great place to start. Half restaurant, half bar, they also offer live performers twice weekly, regular art exhibitions, and parties.

Over the past few years the De Waterkant area has undergone significant redevelopment. Famous bar Bronx, is closed and the action has moved to Amsterdam Action Bar (10-12 Cobern St), a cruise bar with cubicles, sling room, games area. Popular Bar Code (18 Cobern St),is another men-only levi-leather/rubber/uniform bar in Green Point.

Beaulah Bar is open Wednesday through weekend and is one of the busiest party bars & dance venues attracting a mixed young men/women crowd. Beefcakes is a 50s-style diner/bar in the Village offering delicious burgers and fries, cabaret shows and Bitchy Bingo together with shirtless bartender hunks.

Crew Bar is probably the busiest of the gay bar/lounges and has a reasonable dance floor (by Cape Town Standards) featuring top DJs, front and rear open terraces and has a lively mixed crowd.

People tend to dine early in Cape Town, with 8pm being the normal time for evening meals. The bars get busy from 10pm during the week days and later at the weekends. Many bars are open until 4am at weekends so its a city that likes to party long and hard!

  • Where to Stay

    Consider splitting your vacation in two when visiting Cape Town. Relax during the week by the beach which is just 30 minutes from the centre and then change hotels for De Waterkant area at the weekend when the gay scene comes alive!. Book your hotel as early as possible

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Map of Cape Town Gay Bars

De Waterkank and Green Point are home to most of the gay bars in Cape Town. Check them out on the map below and find a hotel close by!

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De Waterkant Village
Apartments with great location!

Located in Cape Town’s gay district, de Waterkant, these apartments offer everything you could need! Perfect location.

The Westin Cape Town
Perfect location – Great Spa

Close to the gay district of DeWaterkant, the Westin has a stunning Spa with amazing views of the city.

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